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Animal Control (dogs)

Dog Licencing

The By-Law Department provides animal care and control services including the issuance of dog licences (for dogs aged 16 weeks and over) and ensures that pet owners are made aware of what controls are in place when violations occur. Licensing registers your dog and provides a means by which it can be identified and returned to you if it gets lost. Licensing also addresses public health and safety concerns associated with stray animals.

How many animals are permitted?

A maximum of 3 dogs, or 3 cats, or a combination of 4 of these animals (with the exception for farming operations, kennels or pet shops) is allowed per premise within the Township of Champlain.

The Ten Responsibilities of Dog Owners

  1. Do not allow your dog to run at large.
  2. Keep your dog from trespassing on private or municipal property.
  3. Always keep your dog on a leash.
  4. Always pick up your dog’s feces.
  5. Do not allow your dog to bark persistently.
  6. Do not allow your dog to attack or bite another domestic animal.
  7. Register your dog with the Municipality (dog tag) on an annual basis.
  8. Have your dog vaccinated against rabies.
  9. Have your dog spayed or neutered.
  10. Provide regular care and attention to your dog.