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Garage Sales


This By-law is to control garage sales and to prevent persons from abusing the system.

In the Township of Champlain, you may hold a garage sale for one day or two (2) to three (3) consecutive days at the most, per sale.

A garage sale licence is always required, even for your first garage sale of the year which is free of charge.

Any subsequent garage sale during a calendar year will be charged the prescribed fee (see user fees for details), such licence being valid for one sale only.

Do you know that it is an offence to:
  • sell items other than personal property?
  • fail to obtain a garage sale licence?
  • hold a garage sale for more than 3 consecutive days?
  • hold a garage sale at address other than indicated?
  • fail to display garage sale licence?
  • hold a garage sale on sidewalk, street or other public place?
  • hold a garage sale when prohibited?
Garage sales are lots of work, but can be lots of fun too!

Please follow the rules to play it right...