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Property Standards


The Property Standards By-law sets standards for maintenance and occupancy for all properties within the Township of Champlain.

This By-law covers the following:

  • sewage and drainage
  • walkways and driveways
  • fences
  • any structures, particularly dwelling units, both interior and exterior
  • garbage disposal
  • yards and surface conditions, including vacant lands and vacant buildings.
Properties must be properly maintained to ensure the conditions are safe, clean and orderly.

All property owners are required to repair and maintain their property according to standards. Repair and maintenance may be carried out by a lessee provided there is some kind of agreement between owner and occupant.


Following an official written complaint, the By-law Enforcement Officer investigates and determines if a violation exists. If a violation is found, the Officer may issue informal notices and/or orders to remedy which involve specific information on the violation. The person concerned is given a reasonable time to have the work completed or condition repaired or rendered secure.

If you are a tenant and have concerns that repairs and maintenance ought to be carried out in your living or working area, it would be advisable to first notify the landlord of the defect, both verbally and in writing. This gives the landlord the opportunity to resolve the issue. If the concerns are not adequately addressed, then you may register the official complaint with us.