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Road Cuts


This By-law regulates the installation of services on or under roads and sidewalks in our Township.

Any person who needs to break, excavate, bore under, tunnel or dig up part of a road is required to obtain a Road Cut Permit from the By-law Enforcement Department beforehand. The applicant is responsible to locate all other underground public services and to maintain a secure construction at all times. Reinstallation and backfill following such works are closely supervised by the Public Works employees.

A security deposit is required for such works and is released after one calendar year, once the Public Works Department has inspected and approved in final acceptance. Depending on the surface affected, different guidelines apply and the sum of the security deposit required will vary with each case. Consequently, contact our Department, at (613) 675-4727.

It is important to note that although inspections are carried out by the Public Works Department, it is the By-law Enforcement Department that issues the Road Cut Permit.