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Water & Sewers

The Township of Champlain offers municipal water and sewer connection services in our two urban wards, that is in the Village of L’Orignal and the Town of Vankleek Hill.

The water connection service is also available, on demand, in certain areas where the main pipe is already installed to direct the water from the Town of Hawkesbury to the Village of L’Orignal and the Town of Vankleek Hill (i.e. Along Highway 34, County Road 4).

Anywhere else in the Township, private wells provide potable water to properties. Please note that well owners are responsible for ensuring that water from their wells is safe to drink.

Owners of private septic systems must conform to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s requirements, Part 8, of the Ontario Building Code which is enforced by the South Nation Conservation Authorities (1-877-984-2948), who issues the Sewage System Permit, inspects and delivers the Compliance Certificate for said systems once all works are completed. A copy of the Compliance Certificate is required by the Building Department in order to close their file.

The costs for the municipal water and sewer connection vary for each ward. Consequently, please contact our Department at (613) 675-4727, for further information.

Please note that the property owner is also responsible for all the other costs related to the connection works to the municipal services.

Of course, if you have to dig on municipal property (ditch, sidewalk, road, etc.) the property owner has to obtain a Road Cut Permit from the Public Works Department beforehand. A security deposit will then be required in addition to the connection costs.

We recommend any owner and contractor to have all underground services located before digging. You can obtain this information at “Call before you dig” 1-800-400-2255.

When a permit for water or sewer connection is issued, the Building Department and the Ontario Clean Water Agency have to inspect the works. The Public Works Department will only be involved to inspect if a Road Cut Permit is issued and/or when there is a connection to the storm sewer.

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